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  • Love the smell and how the body butter leaves your skin, soft and non-greasy.

    Shameka W. - Body Butter

  • I have been using J'Nays products since their inception. The fragrance and the moisturizers encapsulate and "kisses" your body all over. It creates a moment. A moment where you can't wait to rub that soothing body butter all over.

    I love the one minute manicure. It really does the trick. It makes your hands and feet feel soft and smooth, revitalizing rough dry skin and breaking down callouses.

    K. Davis, Frisco, TX - All J'Nays Products

  • I have really dry skin, but using J'Nays body butter is awesome, fantastic. It moisturizes my skin all day long and gives my skin a glow.

    J'Nays body wash is truly amazing, just a few drops goes a long way, it gives lots of lather while it cleans and moisturizes your skin and leaves you feeling soft and smooth.

    The one minute hand and foot manicure does it all. I was embarrassed to shake hands or wear sandals in public but by using this product it removed all the Callouses from my hands and feet while softening and smoothing them. I am no longer embarrassed. Thanks J'Nays.

    Ann-Marie Dallas, Texas - All J'Nays Products

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